The Types of Irons Inside Golf Iron Sets and Information For Fitting a Golf Club

Golf Balls Golf iron sets are among the most important sets of any golfer’s collection, making up more than half of the complete fourteen-piece set. This is because iron golf clubs are the most versatile, allowing the golfer to make different types of shots in different types of terrain.


Golf iron sets are differentiated from each other by their numbers, which indicate the increase of the angle of their lofts. These iron clubs are called numbered irons, and are further divided into the driving iron, the long irons, mid irons, and short irons.

•Driving Iron

The most difficult to hit with in golf iron sets, the driving iron (or the 1 iron), has the lowest loft. Most golf iron sets do not have the driving iron included, but could still be ordered custom made. As of now, the driving iron is considered defunct and obsolete, with most manufacturers no longer making it.

•Long Irons

Numbered two to four, the long irons have the longest shafts and the lowest loft (next to the now-defunct driving iron). They are typically used to make long-distance shots from the fairway or rough and to get the ball out of troublesome situations like from underneath tree roots. Much like the driving iron, long irons are considered difficult to hit with because of their small striking faces. This makes them a rare sight in golf bags, usually replaced with the higher numbered irons or hybrid clubs that could do their jobs easier.

The 2-iron, like the driving iron, is more or less considered obsolete.

•Mid irons

Numbered five to seven, the mid irons are used for long-approach shots on the fairway or rough. They are easier to use than long irons because of their higher lofts (which means more surface area to hit with), making them a staple in every golfer’s bag.

•Short irons

Iron clubs numbered eight to nine, the short irons have the shortest shafts and club heads with the most mass out of all the numbered irons. They are typically used to make shorter shots or shots that need high loft. Their short shaft and massive club heads make them the easiest to hit with out of all the numbered irons, but the situations for which they are used require high accuracy.


Wedges are the subclass of golf iron sets, and are often used to make utility, short-distance, or high launch angle shots. This is because wedges have higher loft than any of the numbered irons, due to their wide soles angled near the striking face of the club head.

Wedges are used in the putting green and other tough situations that short irons cannot address, and are identified not only by their number, but also by their letters (which indicate their primary functions). These letters are P, G, S, and L, though sometimes they are paired with a W to indicate that they are wedges. These letters stand for:

  • The pitching wedge –used for short shots from firm or semi-loft lies.
  • The gap wedge – used similarly as a pitching wedge and was created to fill the wedge (pun intended) between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge.
  • The sand wedge – as the name implies, the sand wedge is used in sandy or any other soft lies. This wedge also has the largest sole out of all the wedges to prevent the ball from sinking or digging deep into the sand.
  • The lob wedge – used to make high-arc shots over hazards and other obstacles. Another type of lob wedge, called the ultra-lob wedge or the flop wedge, is used to make almost vertical launches, though it is not generally used by many golfers.

The pitching wedge and the sand wedge are being seen less in golfer’s sets, as other golfers prefer to use the other wedges.

Fitting for an iron club (or any other type of golf club)

A player or beginner in golf needs to know the proper way of choosing and fitting a golf club. This method could be used for any type of golf club available on the market.

Before trying out or buying an iron or any other golf club, the player needs to know the following information:

Golf Clubs1.Sex
4.How fast the player swings a golf club
5.Whether the player is a beginner or novice

A player’s height is used to figure out the appropriate length of golf club. His sex is also important as there are different standards of the best golf clubs for men and women. Height, age, and how fast the player swings the golf club are used to determine the length of the shaft and the shaft flex that will be appropriate for the player.

There are also lists on the web where a player could look up the different standards of the different types of the best golf clubs, with specifications for each part. The typical lofts and other calculations for irons could also be found through a simple web search, meaning that any player who plans to have a set custom made could make the necessary tweaks before approaching a company.