What Sets Apart Motivational Speakers From The Crowd

Motivational Speaker It is said that nothing good comes out easy. Indeed, it takes hard work to be a good motivational speaker. Motivational speakers start off as normal people. People who eat, sleep and breathe just like you. What sets apart these speakers? What makes them unique? How did they become who they are?

Motivational speakers are set apart from the rest of the population because they, themselves, are motivated people. These speakers know what is important to them and they tell other people about it. It takes authentic caring for people to talk really good about something. It takes courage for them to speak their heart’s desires. It takes a lot of determination for them to be great. Such speakers intensely feel and know that what they talk about helps other people. That is what sets them apart, they have this insatiable need to impart their motivation to others. They have this need to share their knowledge to other people.

Motivational speakers are set apart from the rest of the population because they, themselves, are passionate learners

They have a great passion for learning. Speakers know that to be able to impart knowledge, they need to be always learning. They know that by learning more and more, they become better. Even though they are already experts at what they talk about, they still have an open mindset to learn. They learn as much as possible to be the best and be at the top of things always. Speakers are always open to learn because they know that the greatest teachers are also the greatest students.

The top motivational speakers are set apart from the rest of the population because they, themselves, can make rocks into diamonds. No, these aren’t about miracles. This is about hard work and appreciation. Speakers know how to appreciate the small things. When they see people, they know that those people all have potentials to be great like them which is why they try to motivate them.

When one goes to a river, it is easy to find rocks. However, it is hard to be able to sell these rocks. For these speakers, it is easy. How? They turn rocks into diamonds. They see the best things about it and they tell others about it. It is not an easy job. It takes a lot of hard work to be always seeing the best in people. It takes a motivated person to always look at what a person is best at. It takes a motivated person to motivate people to be the best versions of themselves.

Speakers are set apart from the rest of the population because they, themselves, know their worth

Knowing one’s worth makes it easier to advertise one’s self. These speakers are people who find their niche in spite of fierce competition. They know what they are good at and they start from there. They tell people about themselves. They present themselves in the way they want to be remembered.

They take advantage of the free and modern stuff like social media to let people know that someone great like them exists. Speakers may receive a lot of snide comments but that doesn’t stop them. They keep themselves motivated.They know that their message deserves to be known to as many people as possible.

Motivational-SpeakerThese speakers are set apart from the rest of the population because they, themselves, know what it takes to be one. Speakers know that people don’t just wake up as great speakers. They know that it is a journey. They know what to bring in that journey. One has to bring clarity, purpose and connection on the road to becoming a great motivational speaker. At the start of the journey, one has to bring clarity on their motivations. Along the journey, purpose helps in keeping one at the right track.

Purpose gives speakers the sense that their message deserves to be propagated. Connection is something essential on the journey to becoming a great motivational speaker but a lot of people do not bring it. They look at themselves so much that they forget to connect. They do not know who they are talking to which makes their message unclear to the audience. When a person knows how to connect to different target audiences, they make their messages relevant and specific to them.

Motivational speakers are set apart from the rest of the population because they, themselves, “begin with the end in mind”. According to Stephen Covey, a famous American author, one must begin with the end in mind. It is important for a person to see one’s self as a great motivational speaker to actually be one. One has to acknowledge all the steps in become a great motivational speaker. When a person has the end in mind, that person has a clearer view of what he needs to do to achieve that end.

The Types of Irons Inside Golf Iron Sets and Information For Fitting a Golf Club

Golf Balls Golf iron sets are among the most important sets of any golfer’s collection, making up more than half of the complete fourteen-piece set. This is because iron golf clubs are the most versatile, allowing the golfer to make different types of shots in different types of terrain.


Golf iron sets are differentiated from each other by their numbers, which indicate the increase of the angle of their lofts. These iron clubs are called numbered irons, and are further divided into the driving iron, the long irons, mid irons, and short irons.

•Driving Iron

The most difficult to hit with in golf iron sets, the driving iron (or the 1 iron), has the lowest loft. Most golf iron sets do not have the driving iron included, but could still be ordered custom made. As of now, the driving iron is considered defunct and obsolete, with most manufacturers no longer making it.

•Long Irons

Numbered two to four, the long irons have the longest shafts and the lowest loft (next to the now-defunct driving iron). They are typically used to make long-distance shots from the fairway or rough and to get the ball out of troublesome situations like from underneath tree roots. Much like the driving iron, long irons are considered difficult to hit with because of their small striking faces. This makes them a rare sight in golf bags, usually replaced with the higher numbered irons or hybrid clubs that could do their jobs easier.

The 2-iron, like the driving iron, is more or less considered obsolete.

•Mid irons

Numbered five to seven, the mid irons are used for long-approach shots on the fairway or rough. They are easier to use than long irons because of their higher lofts (which means more surface area to hit with), making them a staple in every golfer’s bag.

•Short irons

Iron clubs numbered eight to nine, the short irons have the shortest shafts and club heads with the most mass out of all the numbered irons. They are typically used to make shorter shots or shots that need high loft. Their short shaft and massive club heads make them the easiest to hit with out of all the numbered irons, but the situations for which they are used require high accuracy.


Wedges are the subclass of golf iron sets, and are often used to make utility, short-distance, or high launch angle shots. This is because wedges have higher loft than any of the numbered irons, due to their wide soles angled near the striking face of the club head.

Wedges are used in the putting green and other tough situations that short irons cannot address, and are identified not only by their number, but also by their letters (which indicate their primary functions). These letters are P, G, S, and L, though sometimes they are paired with a W to indicate that they are wedges. These letters stand for:

  • The pitching wedge –used for short shots from firm or semi-loft lies.
  • The gap wedge – used similarly as a pitching wedge and was created to fill the wedge (pun intended) between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge.
  • The sand wedge – as the name implies, the sand wedge is used in sandy or any other soft lies. This wedge also has the largest sole out of all the wedges to prevent the ball from sinking or digging deep into the sand.
  • The lob wedge – used to make high-arc shots over hazards and other obstacles. Another type of lob wedge, called the ultra-lob wedge or the flop wedge, is used to make almost vertical launches, though it is not generally used by many golfers.

The pitching wedge and the sand wedge are being seen less in golfer’s sets, as other golfers prefer to use the other wedges.

Fitting for an iron club (or any other type of golf club)

A player or beginner in golf needs to know the proper way of choosing and fitting a golf club. This method could be used for any type of golf club available on the market.

Before trying out or buying an iron or any other golf club, the player needs to know the following information:

Golf Clubs1.Sex
4.How fast the player swings a golf club
5.Whether the player is a beginner or novice

A player’s height is used to figure out the appropriate length of golf club. His sex is also important as there are different standards of the best golf clubs for men and women. Height, age, and how fast the player swings the golf club are used to determine the length of the shaft and the shaft flex that will be appropriate for the player.

There are also lists on the web where a player could look up the different standards of the different types of the best golf clubs, with specifications for each part. The typical lofts and other calculations for irons could also be found through a simple web search, meaning that any player who plans to have a set custom made could make the necessary tweaks before approaching a company.

6 Ways to Boost your Marketing Strategy

With the advent of internet, various advancements have been made to ease the lives of everyone today. Be it in business, education or even personal and social aspects, the internet has been a big help to improve our quality of living.

Marketing StrategyOne of the internet’s most notable advancements is content marketing. This new method of marketing has been helpful for businesses in driving profits through content creation and distribution among specific audiences. With content marketing, businesses were able to save 62% of costs as compared to traditional marketing and generated about three times as many leads according to statistics.

However, not everyone gets a beginner’s luck from this new marketing method. Or at least, they are not aware how to do content marketing properly. To give your site a boost, here are 6 ways to improve your marketing strategy.

Write High Quality Contents

One important thing to consider in improving your content marketing move is the quality of your content. Thanks to Google’s Panda algorithm update, sites are now ranked based on the quality of the content they publish.

In today’s SEO, Google favors high quality contents than subpar ones. Content marketers should spend more time publishing quality contents to increase their search ranking. It must be relevant to user search and must be useful to readers. Contents should contain valuable information, which focuses more on helping users solve their problems and satisfy their needs.

In addition, writing lengthy contents may also help you rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). Writing contents with more than 2,000 words is more suitable for your site if you are trying to rank competitive keywords. However, you should avoid creating low quality contents and fill it with fluff just for the sake of increasing their word count.

Moreover, content is not only limited to blogs and articles alone. Marketers may also provide useful infographics, podcasts, videos, PowerPoint presentations or interviews for their audience.

Use Keywords Properly

Content Marketing StrategyUsing keywords properly is one key in improving your rank. However, you should keep in mind that with Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update, you can no longer stuff too much keyword in your content. Stuffing keywords carelessly is considered spam and may get your site penalized.

In using keywords, you should be more careful and consider how you should use it in your content. Keywords must flow naturally and be relevant to the context of the content.

While the use of keywords should be carefully considered, it should not be a reason to not use them at all. In fact, using your main keywords in the title of your contents is advisable. This is the first thing Google considers in ranking pages, so you should not be discouraged to do so.

Moreover, placing keywords in H1 and H2 as well as the URLs may help boost your search ranking. If you are placing the keywords in URLs, just make sure it is short and is no more than 50-60 characters for better results.

Ensure Mobile Friendliness

Another factor that may help boost your search ranking is the site’s mobile friendliness. In 2015, an algorithm update from Google ensured a higher ranking for sites that are mobile-friendly.

With the rapid increase of mobile users, mobile-friendly sites are also quickly rising in the ranks as compared to the not-so-well-optimized ones. To take advantage of this factor, make sure that your site is well-optimized and can be navigated even in mobile devices.

Sites must have scalable font sizes and easy navigation features to make it more mobile-friendly. Make sure that widgets and other tools are well-optimized and your contents have reliable URLs. For maximum results, avoid using flash for your site.

Guarantee Quick Loading Time

One critical factor to an increased ranking is the site’s loading time. The speed of your site directly affects the user experience, thus, it affects Google’s ranking.

To ensure quick loading time, the site must be well-optimized. Avoid too much widget or plug-ins, bulky codes and site advertisements. Too much of these can make your site lag heavily and frustrate your audience.

Provide Relevant Backlinks

With Google’s Penguin algorithm update, bad links or links obtained from underhanded tactics will be penalized.Clean your link profile

Now that stricter rules are imposed, you should abide by it and provide only relevant backlinks to boost your ranking. Relevant links are obtained through quality contents and building relationships with your readers.

Marketers are highly encouraged to review their backlinks to avoid such penalties. As per the experts, “In the post-Penguin era of Google, you need to approach link building with extreme care. Just like one bad apple can spoil the entire bunch, a handful of bad links can ruin the quality of an otherwise nice backlink profile.”

There are various ways to avoid getting caught with bad links. One is to clean your existing links with the help of SEO services. A Clean link profile is part of SEO service provided by SEO explode, which can help you remove bad links with ease.

Remove Duplicate Pages

With Google’s Panda algorithm update, duplicate pages are now strictly prohibited. Having the same contents in your pages may lead your site to suffer penalties from Google.

Google is strict when it comes to duplicate contents. Even a portion of duplicated content can cause harm to your site. To avoid this, avoid using even a single sentence, which is already used in different pages.

Online marketing is definitely a successful method that may even remove traditional marketing in the near future. It is such a waste to keep a blind eye on this effective marketing method. Before it is too late, take our tips above to improve your online marketing game.

How to Build an Effective and Successful Content Marketing

We define content marketing as understanding our visitors and delivering what they expect to find on our website. At the same time, we try to influence their behaviors and buying habits for that matter. However, the process is not as simple as it may seem. It takes a lot of effort and time before a content marketing strategy works and gives results. We are going to share with you how we build an effective and successful content marketing and the important elements to make it work.

First, let us discuss the important factors of content marketing. We enumerate five (three) factors.

Content-MarketingKnow the type of content that will work for your website. In content marketing, we identified three kinds of contents. These are the audio, visual and written. The most common kinds that we see on the internet are the written ones. Many of the existing websites use this strategy by publishing blog content on their site. Nowadays, many site owners recognize the value of content creation with videos. A few incorporate audio as part of their marketing strategy.

Which kind really works when we are talking about content marketing? Generally, you can use a combination of written and video contents to create a marketing plan, which can bring in more visitors and eventually leads, especially if you are doing business through your site.

Create value for your content. Again, we reiterate that valuable content works. Provide information without asking anything in return. Do not bombard your site with banner ads and clickable link ads that crowd your content. Even if you have so many ads on your site, if you provide your readers and visitors with insignificant information, your marketing strategy will still be useless. Your site will look like spam. Fill your site with content that visitors will find useful, instead. The leads will follow right away.

Build valuable link baits. After the recent update on one of the largest search engines on the internet, link building has become a leveled field for every site owner. Gone are the days when paid links are the number one factor in the ranking of web pages or when creating blog comments can boost your ranking in search engine results pages. Right now, content creation is the norm.

Whether you own a business site or a personal blog, link baiting is an important aspect of content marketing that you should consider developing. You can create link baits through social sharing, telling about your content on appropriate message boards or publishing press releases.

Search engine optimization still works every time. You think SEO is dead. We think so, too. However, it is not. Optimization is an important part of content marketing, whether it is paid or not. Without optimization, search engines can never find your content or they will have difficulty finding your pages. This is true for sites that rely heavily on audio-visual contents. Without proper optimization, your site is like a blank page to search engine crawlers. If your page looks like a blank page, they will not appear on the results pages.

With these important factors to remember, let us proceed in discussing some of our strategies to create an effective and successful content marketing.

First, document your content marketing from planning to implementation stages. You will need this documentation to evaluate whether your strategies are working or not and create further development to your marketing strategies. This documentation should contain numerical figures such as increase of visitors associated with the implemented strategy.

Second, understand how your visitors behave when they visit your site. This is where the application of cookies and other device identifiers become important. However, before integrating cookies in your site, make sure to mention this in your privacy policy or a warning message will show up that you are using cookies.

Third, build your email list. When you want to promote a new product or service, you would want to personalize your message and reach your audience, thus, building your email list is important. At the end of all the content you publish on your site or anywhere on the internet that links back to your site, provide a call to action or an invitation to subscribe. Without any email list, creating a proactive marketing is impossible.

Fourth, learn to share your content to other people. Social sharing is becoming more prevalent and no one is prohibiting you from doing so. Besides, social sharing is a good strategy for link baiting. Although search engines do not consider links from social media as signals or factors in ranking pages, social sharing is still an excellent way to expose your content. The more people who see your content, the better.

Fifth, use the information you gather from your link baits. This information includes personal identifiers like email addresses, statistical IDs like IP addresses and IDA (identifiers for advertisers) to re-target specific audiences and channel your content marketing strategies to these specific people.

Content marketing involves the use of different avenues. It entails the use of social media, the right optimization techniques and the creation of valuable content. It should be proactive and straightforward. As time passes by, you should also be ready to create some changes to the strategies you made. The internet always changes and your content marketing should follow because a strategy that works today may not work a few weeks after.